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Want a fun date night? Have a group of friends who want to get together? Escape Room Brighton has new, exciting rooms for your entertainment. While the building is the same from a previous escape room company, Escape Room Brighton has brand new rooms, new themes, and a new – company! Located just north of I-96 and Exit 145 in Brighton, bring your friends, family, and co-workers to a fun-filled hour. 

Dr. Sulken's Laboratory Escape Room Brighton

Dr. Sulken’s Laboratory (Hard)

Dr. Sulken has been murdered! You and his trustworthy lab assistant must finish the cure, and round up all the experiments. Get them to the safe house before the PE associates return to claim the doctor’s work for their evil plans. You are his last hope!

Black Cat Fortune Teller Escape Room Brighton

Fortune Teller (Moderate-Hard)

Upon entering Lady Amethyst’s den you feel a strange presence, but nobody is there. You feel that something is off with the energy surrounding you. You must hurry to escape before anything worse happens! Follow the spiritual signs to see how your future unfolds.

The Jade Skull Escape Room Brighton

The Jade Skull (Easy-ish)

Sealed away deep within the dense jungle is an Aztec tomb riddled with puzzles, challenges, and dangerous traps. The Jade Skull, prized for its source of unimaginable power during battle is on the brink of being found. It’s up to your players to crack the ancient codes and track down the artifact before it’s lost forever!
Shipwreck Island Escape Room Brighton

Shipwreck Island (Moderate)

Your boat was tossed side to side and broken into hundreds of pieces. You and your friends wash up on the shore of an abandoned island with a small shack on it.  The storm seems to be getting worse and the water on the island is raising fast, at this rate you’ll only have an hour to figure out how to save yourself before the storm eats you alive.

UFO Alien Voyage Escape Room Brighton

UFO: Alien Voyage

You and your friends are alone, aboard an alien spacecraft! How did you get here? What’s going on? Everybody is confused! Through the haze you must figure out what to do to save yourselves. Will you take over the spacecraft and fly back to earth? or will you be lost in space forever?

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Guest Reviews

We got out with 1:36 to spare! Phew! Such a fun idea for a double-date night. We loved it. We will definitely come back to try out their other rooms. 

Hannah Simpson

I was in charge of organizing a company team-building exercise. Escape Room Brighton was very helpful keeping groups moving through rooms and taking multiple photos at the end. This was a new, innovate way for different teams to come together who wouldn’t normally interact during the work day. I would highly recommend using Escape Room Brighton for any company outings. 

David Thorton

The Jade Skull really tests your thinking skills. I enjoyed us working together as a group to solve puzzles. I’ll be back!

Brandy Zimmer

I found the key… and THE RING! My boyfriend, now fiancé, contacted Escape Room Brighton to help with his proposal. I have never done an escape room previously and I was more than surprised with the proposal. Thank you for making it so memorable. 

Jen Brown (Future Mrs. Williams)

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Thu: 3:00PM-9:30PM
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Sat 12:00PM-9:30PM
Sun 3:00PM-8:00PM 

8143 Grand River Ave Brighton, MI 48114
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